February 05, 2012

Rock Climbing, That's Right!

Yesterday was Garren's official one year anniversary. When we asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate, true to Garren's amazing drive and attitude, he said he wanted to try to rock climb at Inner Peaks indoor gym. So, of course, we took him. What a triumph to show how far he's come this year.

Through it all we are so thankful for you. You have helped in so many ways. Foremost, we thank you for your prayers. We thank you for your love, your kind and encouraging comments, visits, money to help with medical expenses, food, gas cards, house cleaning, vehicle help, playdates for Kelsey, rides for Kara, cards, posters, bracelets, t-shirts, 5k, golf tournament, skate night, food events and other fundraisers. The list goes on and on. Words cannot express our appreciation. Thank you for standing with us and we ask that you continue through the long haul.

We thank the Lord and praise Him for where Garren is right now in his recovery and we continue to fervently ask Him to restore Garren's swallow and balance.

God is good and in control. 

- Nancy 


Anonymous said...

Praise God. I have not kept up with Garren's progress for a while now and these photos brought tears to my eyes! We serve an AWESOME God!! Garren is making great progress. I pray that he continues on the path to a full recovery!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome sight! So great to see that God continues to work inside and out!
We continue to pray for you all..Staci, Casey & family

Tasha Via said...

Wow! That is AMAZING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Garren! Rock climbing is one of our favorite activities...it's great for a lot of things, so glad you went for it! :) ~Jessica Lannine

tonya swick said...

What a beautiful sight! Our God is good and mighty! Still praying and believing for a full recovery!

Lisa Tilton said...

PRAISE GOD!!! Love seeing the photos of Garren, what a fighter!

Anonymous said...

Amen!! Thank you so much for keeping us all posted. Your family is an inspiration and a blessing!! We will continue to pray for a complete healing!
~ Patrick, Becky & Girls

Anonymous said...

I always believed faith could move mountains and now I see its literally moved Garren as well. Keep up the amazing work! Wren

Anonymous said...

Still thanking God everyday for Garren's healing!

The Tripps

Anonymous said...

We are so thankful for Garren's progress,have been keeping up with it for the past year! We found out about his injury, while visiting our Granddaughter's church in New Albany, MS,Feb.24,2011. We have been praying daily for Garren and
the family. I am Gary's first cousin and I talk to Aunt Earlene,
to hear from the family also.
We know this healing is a miracle
and praise God! Ruby Janes Simmons