September 05, 2011

"It's School!"

We made it through the first day of school. It wasn't so bad. In fact, everything went really well. We met the assistant principal in the main office and she took us to Garren's first class - Earth Science. The teacher was great. He was teaching about conversions (cm to mm, and stuff like that). We had a worksheet to practice, which I helped Garren with (he did the work, I just wrote his answers). Then he gave a practice quiz.

The next class was English. Vocab, grammer, The Odyssey - fun! Well, Garren didn't think so, but what are you gonna do? Next was Principles of Business. Garren got a laptop, and the assignment was to read a news related article, and write about it. He went straight to a sports story about college football. After lunch, we went to PE. We observed for about 30 minutes, then headed home.

Everyone was so helpful. The faculty and staff are really doing a great job at helping Garren get back into the swing of things. I asked Garren how he felt about being at school. He said "It's school, I'm not going to like it either way." That's Garren. He hasn't changed a bit!

Garren's going to do great. It's going to be a bit more work for us (nothing new there), helping him with homework and classwork, but I am really looking forward to seeing him get back into the classroom. The school is in the process of interviewing and hiring an assistant to help Garren throughout the day.

Thanks for your continued prayers as we enter yet another phase of recovery.


Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

What a great step in getting Garren back into normal life! Blessings and prayers answered!

wendypoovey said...

It truly is amazing and God is so great. Garren is taking such huge step. We continue to pray for him. The kids never forget. Now you need to enjoy your second round of school. Bet you never thought you would be back!

LolaandStan said...

Still praying for Garren here too.