September 15, 2011


A lot has been going on. Between school, therapy, and doctor's appointments for Garren, and my work schedule, things have been non-stop. Garren and I are going to school twice a week now. I sit with him in class and take notes. I help him take tests by writing his answers for him. Nancy and I spend time with him at home helping him with his homework.

The other day I found a three wheeled recumbent bicycle that I thought Garren might be able to ride. So I showed him a picture of it on the internet. He got so excited about it, he wouldn't stop talking about it. He kept asking if we could get it. So I told him when he could do 15 push ups and 50 sit-ups, we would buy it. He said "Let's go!" "Right now?" "Yep!"

So I got him on the mat, and he did 20 sit-ups and 10 push-ups! That was a week ago. Yesterday he was up to 15 push-ups and 27 sit-ups. He is so motivated! And the work out is excellent for him! Along with that, he's started traveling to CMC Main in Charlotte to workout on the Lokomat. It's a million dollar machine that is designed to retrain his muscles to walk again. We are seeing continued progress in him. It's awesome!

Tomorrow it's back to school. The school is working right now to hire an assistant to be with Garren at school. That should happen in the next couple of weeks. Once the assistant is hired it looks like Garren will begin going to school 5 days a week. What a huge step!

In the mean time, I guess I better work on my own homework and note-taking skills!


Anonymous said...

So awesome! Wow, he is amazing and soo strong! So are you all, God Bless you!

Mauri said...

amazing! what a testament to perseverance!

Anonymous said...

wonderful progress! I could use some pointers on the situps! Still praying!


Anonymous said...

You make me want to cry....God is so good and dependable to all of you....continuing to, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

What great news to read about. 15 push-ups and 27 sit-ups is absolutely fantastic. Go Garren! I continue to be amazed at the complexity of the human body. It's exciting to know that so many things, like the brain, the leg muscles, and everything else Garren is working on can be retrained and relearned. From a parent's perspective, I can only imagine how it has been for you and Nancy to experience all of this. At the same time, I can only guess how incredibly proud you are of the amazing son you've raised and how excited you must be to see him work so hard. We continue to pray every day for Garren in our household and we have no intention of stopping...The Sisk Family