September 19, 2011

Is That the Top?

About a month ago our family traveled to Colorado. While we were there, I spent as much time as I could hiking and climbing mountains. On one morning, Kelsey, our 6 year old, was up early with me, so I talked her into going on a short hike with me. We set off to climb Lily Mountain. It's about 2 miles up, and 2 miles down. And being a mountain, it's uphill all the way.

We packed our water, some snacks for the trail, and drove to the trailhead. We were off. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The sky was clear and the air was crisp. We began our ascent. As we walked, we talked, looked at flowers, and spotted birds and chipmunks along the way. We were having a great time. About 10 minutes into what would be about a 2 hour hike, Kelsey started asking "Is that the top?" I patiently answered, "No Kelsey. You'll know when we are at the top, because we won't be able to go up any higher." I said "Look ahead, see how there are trees and rocks higher than we are? The top is up there somewhere."

So we walked on, and about 3 minutes later I heard "Is that the top?" I again tried to explain to her that we were nowhere near the top, and that it would be better if we didn't keep asking. "Let's just enjoy the hike." But to a 6 year old, I guess enjoying the hike means asking "Is that the top?" every 50 yards. And she did. We walked and talked, and she continued to ask "Is that the top?"

As Kelsey continued to ask the big question, I couldn't help but think about our life over these last 7 months. God has taken us on quite the journey - an unbelievable hike up what sometimes seems to be a mountain with no top. We question God's work in our lives. We press forward, though the journey is tough. We all have troubles, struggles, hard times - whatever you want to call it. Life is not easy. But we must press forward, we must keep taking steps with the hope that eventually we'll reach the top. As Kelsey continued to ask "Is that the top?" I couldn't help but wonder "How many times have I asked God 'Is this the top? Can we head back down now?'" And how many times must God be looking down at me, patiently, lovingly, saying "Geoffrey, you'll know when we get to the top. For now, let's just enjoy this walk together."

Eventually, Kelsey and I did make it to the top of Lily Mountain. It was worth every step. We had a great time that day. I will not soon forget the lesson I learned. Stop asking God if that's the top. No matter how hard it gets, or how impossible life seems, just enjoy being with your Father, right where He has you right now.


Anonymous said...

Wow, as you said, "when we can't go any higher, you will be at the top"....and what a view you will have before you!! Garren, keep trusting, trying, pressing foward, and we will keep praying....reaching for the "top", Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I read an update so am very glad to see there is improvement on the swallowing, still a ways to go Garren, so don't give up keep pressing on towards the goal. We are still out here praying for you even when we don't post as often as we should. We'll continue to pray that: Garren's connection between his brain and his throat continues to heal. Pray that the connection will rebuild, that his swallow will heal, the connection between the brain and the swallowing will mend for good. In Christ, The Lochridge family

Anonymous said...

What a great story and lesson learned! We always keep Garren and the family in our prayers.
Cathy and Aunt Juanita

wendypoovey said...

An amazing little girl you have! We do need to stop asking God "Is that the top". How hard that is. We should be enjoying our walk with Him. Thanks for an awesome post!