September 24, 2011

Close Call

Garren loves his bike.

Yesterday, once the rain stopped, we took off on a ride through the neighborhood. Kelsey just learned this week to ride without training wheels, and she was joining us. Me, Kelsey, and Garren headed out for a great time together.

We turned the corner, and headed up the hill toward the community pond. We had to stop and wait for the UPS truck to pass by, then we continued on our way. As we came over the top of the hill, Kelsey sped on ahead of us. I waited for Garren to reach the top, then we started to head down the hill. Gravity began pulling us downthe hill, faster and faster. Garren's hair was flying back, his eyes had a look of excitement. I rode beside him watching the speedometer on my bike.

"Garren, we're up to 9 miles per hour."

Kelsey was almost to the bottom of the hill.


Then I looked over and saw Garren begin to wobble. Then in an instant he overcorrected and flipped the bike. He hit his head hard. Then slid to a stop with the bike on top of him. I jumped off my bike and ran over to him.

"O God, let him be ok!"

He was unresponsive. I got the bike off of him and stretched him out. My first aid training from years ago told me to keep his head and neck immobile. I talked to him. "Garren, Garren, can you hear me?"

I looked up to see Kelsey running toward us. "Kelsey, go home right now. Get Mom and tell her to come the the pond immediately!"

"Ok," she said, and started running home.
"Kelsey, ride your bike home, and tell Mom to come to the pond right away."
"Ok," and off she went.

"Do you guys need any help?" the UPS man was coming toward me.

"Yes. We need an ambulance. He's not responding to me."

I continued talking to Garren. After about a minute he started to wake up.

"Garren, it's ok, don't move."

He started raising his arms above his head, and tried to push me away.

"Garren. It's ok, don't move. I've got you."

As he came to I started asking him questions.

"Do you know what happened? Do you know where you are?"


"You were riding your bike, and you you remember riding your bike?"


"Do you know your name?"

"Garren Michael Janes."

"do you know your birthday?"

"February 12, 1997."

"Good, now do you remember what happened?"


I explained what was going on. The medics arrived, then the ambulance.

"Dad, Are you going to go with me?"

"Yes Garren. I'll be with you the whole time."

They strapped him on a backboard, put him on a stretcher, and as they raised the stretcher to roll him away, Garren said "Dad, I've always wanted to do this."

"Do what Garren?"

He lifted his right arm up and gave a thumbs up to everyone. I knew right then that he was going to be fine. As we loaded into the ambulance, he said "Dad, at least I'll remember riding in the ambulance this time."

We got to the hospital, talked to the doctor, and then waited for hours to get a CT Scan and some xrays. While we waited, Garren kept finding more cuts and scrapes. "Cool, that's a good one. Awesome, look at that blood. This is going to make a great story!"

And a great story it is. Garren's xrays all checked out just fine. No broken bones, no side effects. Yes, he was wearing a helmet. By the time we left the hospital he could even remember the moments leading up to the crash.

When we got home, I gave Kelsey a big hug. "Kelsey, I'm so proud of you. You were such big girl, riding home and getting help. Good work!"

She told me her side of the story, and showed me how fast she pedaled to get home.

What a story. And thank you God that it wasn't a disaster.

And Garren still loves his bike.


seashellparker said...

oh wow, you're too good of a story teller, i felt like i was right there with you guys. praise God he has a great dad and sis! hes still cracking jokes too, love it :)

Anonymous said...

Love this story. So awesome how real danger turns into giving God glory!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a message I heard in church today. "Consider it joy when you face trials." Jay

Anonymous said...

Such a scary story. I thank God it turned out OK. We know it could have been so much worse. Great job Kelsey! I think I'll pray tonight that your family gets a break from stressful events for a while. Keep up your great progress Garren!

Anonymous said...

ok, I've had enough news to keep my heart jump-started for the rest of my thankful that it was not something dreadful...again, God must have a great plan for Garren in the future, as well as & prayers, Sandy & Russ

wendypoovey said...

Praise the Lord that Garren is okay. Way to go Kelsey. I love the "thumbs up!"

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thank God for the happy ending!
Wendy Marshall