September 27, 2007

Never Gets Old

I love change. I love to mix things up. I love new technology. I am all about finding the newest, the latest, the greatest. These days it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the new things coming out all the time.

Why do we always look for the new best thing? Why do we feel the need to fill our lives with the latest? As we were singing a worship song in church last night, I was struck by the words. They were about Jesus, the precious Lamb of God, who was slain on our behalf. Jesus died to take away the sins of the world, and through Him we have the opportunity to enter into an eternal relationship with God.

That is the oldest story in the world! It is the same story that was told in Genesis 3:15. It is the same story we read in all the Gospels. It is the same story we hear preached around the world today. Why doesn't it ever get old? What drives us to show up at church 1 or 2 times a week to sing about and preach about the same old story week after week, year after year? The story never changes, yet it never gets old!

Maybe it is because this story is the only story that is able to fully satisfy the deepest longings and needs within each one of us. Maybe it is because this story is true, and there is no other truth. It is complete, it is satisfying, and it does not need to be changed in any way.

While I love all the new things the world is marketing, I would never trade all the latest and greatest for the story of God sending His own Son to die for me--so that I could experience eternity with him. If you've never asked Jesus to save you from sin, do it now.

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