September 12, 2007

An Amazing Legacy

This past Sunday, September 9, 2007, an amazing and inspiring man stepped from earth into the presence of Jesus Christ. My grandfather, Dr. J. Allen Blair, was 94 years old. He had been married for 69 years. He had been in the ministry for most of that time. He pastored several churches, and co-founded Glad Tidings with his wife Elva.

But more than being a great preacher, he was a great man. He was a man of integrity. He lived what he taught. He was very intentional about being the man God made him to be, not just preaching and writing about it.

I have been personally challenged and impressed by several things over the years. One is the number of times he read through the Bible. In one of his books, he shares that if you read 3 chapters a day and 5 on Sunday, you can read the entire Bible in one year. I have been looking through his Bible over the last couple of days, and in the back he has a Bible Reading Record. It only goes back to 1974, but it starts with #51 for the Old Testament, and #79 for the New. The record only goes through 2003, with OT readings at 94 and NT readings at 125! That is unheard of these days! I'm working on 4 or 5!

The other thing that Grandpa was very disciplined in was Scripture memorization. He had hundreds (maybe thousands) of verses committed to memory. He had a box of index cards with verses written out. He would review the cards daily, always keeping the verses he had memorized fresh in his mind. Sadly, most people can count the number of verses they have memorized on one hand!

Grandpa was an amazing man of God. He will be missed, but his legacy lives one! He has 3 daughters, 9 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. His radio broadcast will continue to air for several years. Many people have come to meet Jesus through his ministry. Many more will come as a result of his legacy.


C. Michael Pilato said...

Geoff, I didn't know your Grandpa Blair very well, but the few personal memories I do have of him confirm your claims -- the man behind the voice of Dr. J. Allen Blair was every bit the gentle, spiritual giant that he appeared to be over the radio. Your loss is a loss shared by everyone "within range" of him, and beyond.

Key said...

Thanks for posting your grandfathers link.
I listened to his voice for the first time today. (and it won't be the last!) Praise GOD for all the wonderful people HE has sent to strengthen and increase our faith in HIM. You and your grandfather are great examples of how there's no limit to GOD'S supply! EVERYONE should have been there last night for your teaching of the 5 keys to Christian living! Awesome! To the Glory of GOD!

John said...


It was wonderful reading about your grandfather's faith, dedication to God, and character. He was truly man that reflected Jesus in so many ways. May we all look forward to having the blessing of spending time with him in Heaven.

God Bless You and Your family,

Anonymous said...


I met your grandfather several years ago (at Northside Baptist church) when they had a celebration for him (2002?). He was very personable and sincere and I enjoyed talking to him. I got him to autograph his biography for me as well.

Actually, I first started listening to him on the radio about 30 years ago (on WHVN). I still receive his monthly newsletters and am blessed by them.

He was a tremendous man of God and a spiritual role model we can all look up to. He will be missed.


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