September 14, 2007

A Long Day

Yesterday was a long day. We had the funeral for my Grandfather, Dr. J. Allen Blair. He was an amazing man who followed intently after God. He is is one of few preachers who lived what he preached.
His favorite Bible verse was 1 Peter 1:5 - "who are protected by the power of God through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time."
I shared a short devotional on 1 Peter 1:3-5 as a part of the funeral ceremony. Peter talks about the Living Hope that we as believers have. This hope comes from God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God, my creator, sent his only son, the Lord (ruler of my life) Jesus (God in the form of man) Christ (the promised Messiah, my Savior) so that we could experience His mercy through our spiritual rebirth.
Being born into the family of God means not only that He becomes our Father, but we earn an inheritance as well. That inheritance (our salvation by grace through faith in Him) is incorruptible - it will never rot or ruin. It is undefiled - pure, holy, without fault or blemish. It will never fade - it will never wear out, it will never go away. And it is reserved in Heaven for us. God will keep His promise. He has given us a Living Hope, He has blessed us with salvation from our sinful lives.
Finally, Peter tells us very clearly in verse 5 that we are protected, or kept, by the power of God. Nothing can separate us from God's love for us. Once I enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ His son, I cannot be removed from His kingdom. I am his, and I am kept. And one day I will see Him face to face.
Grandpa is there now. His favorite verse has been realized. He is in the presence of Jesus.

Do you know God? Don't wait until it's too late. Give your life to Him today. Don't delay.


Jay Foreman said...

Wow....what a great post Geoffrey. I went and listened to one of "Grandpa's" web broadcasts. Amazing. What a great voice to listen to. You have big, tough shoes to follow. And might I add... you are doing a great job of filling them here at Southbrook. It is a gift from God for me to be able to work and pray with you bro..(ahem, Sir).


Rob said...


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