September 29, 2009

Staff Serve - Part 2

Sunday, as awesome as it was, just wasn't enough! We headed out Monday morning to Camp Canaan near Rock Hill. Camp Canaan is located on a 150 acre island on the Catawba river. Just minutes from the busy city of Rock Hill, is a secluded, quiet getaway. It was so peaceful. It was very beautiful.

We had some breakfast, then Nick gave us a tour of the island. They have some great cabins and dining facilities. The vision for the future is pretty amazing as well. Then we got to work. We picked up sticks (more like tree limbs), moved rocks to create some landscaping, pulled weeds, and moved a bench and a sign. It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time working together as a staff to get some things does for Camp Canaan.

Here's a picture of the crew (at least the ones that were still there when we took the picture. There were others who had to leave early!)

And guess what? This weekend you get to take your turn! We're all going out to serve in our communities. Pastor Rob will tell you all about it here.

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