September 21, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday turned out to be quite a day! To be honest, when my alarm went off, I didn't really want to get out of bed. I was hoping it was Saturday, or even Monday...but was Sunday. (Is it weird that a pastor didn't want to get up on a Sunday?)

But I did, I got up and made my way to church. We were "uniting" our campuses for a very special baptism celebration. The anticipation began to build as the beginning of the first service approached.

We ended up baptizing around 50 people in the first service. So cool to watch. Second service I got to be in the pool. The Monroe Campus was there in the second service as well. It was so fun to look out and see all the blue "Southbrook Monroe" shirts. You guys are awesome!

The time to baptize came at the end of the second service. We have to pools at the front of the room. Pastor Rob in one, I in the other. We began baptizing, and the lines continued to grow. Then I baptized someone from the Monroe campus. "I didn't know you were getting baptized today." "I didn't either." I heard that from several. God was moving in hearts, calling people to obedience. One after the other, they kept coming! I think I had baptized about 10 from Monroe when I looked up to see who was next...I was taken aback. There stood Garren (my 12 year old son). He smiled at me, climbed in the pool, and I baptized him. So cool!

All total we baptized over 100 people (112 is the latest number I've heard). Some were brand new believers, others were finally following Jesus Christ in obedience.

What an amazing day. I will not soon forget what happened there.

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