September 29, 2009

Staff Serve - Part 1

What a weekend! For church this past weekend we decided to step out of the norm and do something a little bit unexpected. As a staff, instead of going to church as usual, we went and served in the community. We pre-arranged for several volunteers in our church to handle things while we were gone. It turns out - things ran fine without us there!

As a staff, we traveled to the north Charlotte area - to the Harvest Kitchen. We worshiped at their church service. When we got there, some served in the kitchen preparing lunch. Others helped out with the clothing ministry, while others helped assemble toiletry bags. You see, most of the people that attend this church are either homeless, or are very poor, not sure from day to day what they will even eat or wear.

What a blessing it was. I was honored to preach. Now I've never preached to a predominately African-American crowd before, but I sure had a blast. After I got done Nancy told be I "got my groove on." She even told be that I said "Can I get an Amen!" What? I don't remember saying that!

After the service we cleared the room, set up tables, and served lunch. It was a very cool experience. I look forward to continuing our relationship with this ministry.

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