May 21, 2009

God Supplies

This morning I was at the City of Monroe Building Permit Office getting paperwork squared away for the new pre-school room we are building. In the process, we decided to add some plumbing for a sink, and I had to alter the permit to include plumbing. The nice lady behind the desk was a great help! She had me sign some things, she printed out some things, she smiled at me and said "That'll be $75..."

I panicked - (mostly on the inside, though I'm sure she could see it in my face). I asked - "Credit card?" "No, cash or check...there is an ATM in the lobby." I normally don't carry cash. Who needs it? Everybody who has caught up with the times can take a credit card. But not the City of Monroe. They haven't caught up with the times yet. Anyway - I remembered that I had some cash in my wallet - cash that I was supposed to deposit, some to turn in to various places for various things - I just happened to have some cash. So I pulled out my wallet - I counted, and I was dumbfounded. I had exactly $75 in cash. No more - no less!

God takes care of us in the smallest ways. How cool is that?


Elizabeth Flowers said...

God is faithful there is no doubt! I hope that God continues to Bless your work and ministry there at Monroe! Way to Go God!!!

Jen Murray said...

That was the $75 you were supposed to pay me for washing and detailing your truck!! J/K

In college, when I waited tables, I would pray for God to let me walk out at the end of the night with enough money to cover my bills for the next few days, and He always did. TRUST baby, the only way to go!