May 04, 2009

Monday Morning Baptism!

I'll admit it. I don't enjoy getting up early. I don't enjoy leaving the house before dark. Once a month a bunch of men from Southbrook gather to hear a challenge from Pastor Rob. Once a month, at 6:30 in the morning.

So this morning was that once a month. I dragged myself out of bed, showered, drove to church, and grabbed a donut and some coffee. Pastor Rob made his challenge.

1. What one small thing are you not doing that you know you should be doing?

2. What God sized thing are you being called to step out in faith and do?

Of course, this is not the exact was early...but the basic intent is there (I think).
Anyway. After we got done Jay came running over to me and said "There's a guy at my table, he wants to be baptized! It's the one small thing for God that he's been putting off! I have secured a swimming pool at Art's house, if you can baptize him, we can go right now!"

So, arrangements were made, a group of guys followed us over, and right then and there, in the early morning, I had the privilege of baptizing 3 men in a backyard swimming pool.

Great way to start the day...great way to start the week!

What have you been putting off?

Here are some pics - enjoy:


Hal Hunter said...

Now that is the way to kick off a new week!

Anonymous said... awesome is that!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting!! Congrats to them both!


Anonymous said...

It was so awesome to see God at work Monday morning. Please all men, man up and lead your family. Take the path that God has laid before you and make the walk. God will never leave or forsake you.

Shane Storch