January 29, 2009

Southbrook:Monroe Grand Opening

We got into our building for Christmas Eve services...we have been worshiping on Sunday mornings for about a month...now it's time to officially introduce Southbrook:Monroe to the community. On Sunday February 22 we will celebrate our Grand Opening. It's time to take our church to the next level. It's time to step it up in every area of ministry.

What needs to be done?

1) Invite, invite, invite. Ask everyone you can to come and be a part of this celebration with us. We will have invite cards available soon.

2) Volunteer - if you are willing to help out, please do. We need people to make phone calls, coordinate plans, serve food, and a number of other things. Want to help? Email Nancy now!

3) Be at our special volunteer training lunch on Sunday February 8. We will meet right after the morning service...we'll get started around 12pm. If you are currently involved in a ministry, or are interested in helping out in a ministry, you need to be there. Or if you know someone who would like to get more involved, bring them with you.

God is about to do some amazing things. I would ask you to join me in prayer for this event, and for other big events we are going to plan during the year. Our goal is to reach people who are far from God and bring them into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

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