April 09, 2008


I went to visit my son Garren at school for lunch today. He's in the 5th grade. I thought it might be fun to drop in and hang out for a few minutes. While I was there he decided to tell me a story. He said "Do you see that lady over there?" "Yes." "The other day we were sitting at the table next to the microwave for lunch. That lady came over and put her lunch in the microwave to warm up her lunch. The kids at my table dared me to stop the microwave. So I turned around and stopped it right after she walked away. When she came back everyone at the table started laughing. So she said 'What's everyone laughing about?' She checked her food, it wasn't warm enough, so she started the microwave again."

Garren was having so much fun with this, he actually stopped it again! The poor lady came back and found that her food once again was not warm!

Very funny stuff. After being pressed, Garren confessed to stopping the microwave, and was sentenced to 'silent lunch' the following day. His teacher even told him later that it was pretty funny.

What makes this even more hilarious to me is that it sounds exactly like the kind of things I did when I was his age. Maybe I'll share some of those soon...or maybe not!


My name is Stephen said...

When you "were" his age? You must still be his age!!!

Dan said...

The difference between you and Garren, is you would have eaten the food instead of turning the microwave off!!