April 04, 2008

If I Were A Dog...

If I were a dog, I would be a Bulldog. At least that is what the quiz at dogster.com revealed. What kind of dog are you? Take the quiz and let me know!

What dog breed are you? I'm a Bulldog! Find out at Dogster.com


C. Michael Pilato said...

Thanks for the diversion, Geoff. Apparently, I'd be:

German Shepherd
The Perfectionist

Doggedly dedicated to getting the job done, you don't let silly little distractions get in the way of putting in a full day's work. And after you come home, chowing down on a little grub and taking a little catnap is all it takes to get you up and at 'em for round two, whatever that may entail. Your dogma emphasizes the importance of hard work, and you swim laps around your dog-paddling, time-wasting co-workers. Your cleverness leads to you often being entrusted with some pretty important tasks, which you are always more than happy to sink your canines into. You really dig being outdoors and love a bit of exercise, but you draw the line at the ridiculous stuff, choosing a game of beach volleyball over Pilates in the park any day.

Nancy said...

I'm a Bulldog too! Wow, I thought opposites attract. Oh well, not in our case. We're two of a kind, breed, etc. I guess that's why our kids are so cute, no mixing breeds. Ha! :) Love ya my bulldog sweetie!

Peri said...

Looks like I'm a Labrador Retriever
also known as "The Caretaker"- wow what a shocker! :-)

Jen Murray said...

I'm a Chihuahua! I can deal with that. I don't like that Paris Hilton is one also...

Anonymous said...

Hi Geoffrey,
this gave me a little chuckle. I enjoyed it. Thanks

I am a Labrador Retriever!

Blessings Kerry Frey

Terri Crites said...

Hi Geoffrey,

I am a Golden Retriever----Never thought that would be me!!!!!!!

Golden Retriever
The Charmer

This was fun!!!!!!!!