November 13, 2007

What I Believe Determines What I Do

How do you make day to day decisions?

Each of us has what is called a worldview. Each of us has a filter through which we view the world. It is based on this filter that we make decisions. We base our lives on what we believe. Many of us never really think about it. We rarely consider the foundation on which we are basing our lives. But we should.

Doctrinal Truths – What do you believe and why? The most basic foundation on which everything else is built is the doctrinal truths to which you subscribe. What do you believe about God? What do you believe about man? If there is a God, how does He interact with man? If there are many gods, what is our relation to them? Maybe there is no God?

Why do we exist? Do we exist? What about moral – good and evil? Is there such thing as evil?

All of these questions deal with our doctrinal beliefs – our doctrinal truths. Whether you agree or not, every decision you make in life has its roots in your doctrinal beliefs.

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Stephen said...

if that is not the truth, I am not your brother....