November 07, 2007

Running on Empty

This last several weeks I have faced some serious and difficult circumstances with people. Not anything personal, but difficult none the less. I have been to more funerals in the last month than in my entire life combined!
Last week was especially tough. I spent my week reaching out to a young couple who lost their son. He went to be with Jesus last Tuesday.
It's been an emotionally draining week, but God has taught me some amazing things:

1) It's only in His power that we can accomplish anything - as I walked into the hospital room to meet the family, my mind was racing with "what do I say?" As I left, I remember thinking "Wow...God totally took over and spoke through me." It has nothing to do with me - what I am going to say - it's all about letting God use me to love others.

2) God will replenish our strength as needed - Saturday night after the funeral I remember feeling just drained. I didn't know how I would have the strength to get to church on Sunday. I woke up Sunday morning as fresh as ever. God will honor our faithfulness. He not only gets us through the valley, He gives us the strength to climb the mountain on the other side.

May God encourage and strengthen you today.


Jen Murray said...

Thank you for sharing your heart and for the reminder to let God work through you. I know I get caught up in the mind set of "how am I going to do this for God?" It's never about what I can do, but am I willing to get out of the way to let Him move.

Stephen said...

You should re-title that, "running on full" !!

Stephen said...

You should re-title that, "running on full" !!

Jay Foreman said...

The key word is "Running". Soooo many people, Christians included, just stand there and want God to handle everything for them. Then they are puzzled as to why God is doing "Nothing" for them... He's matching their output with His input.

Geoffrey, your "Running", especially when on empty is why God refuels you so much.

You are an example of man on His mission. You'll never be empty.


Rhonda said...

Thanks Geoffrey for this blog. It is so true how God helps us in our times of weakness. He is so faithful to us, even in the "little things". I am glad God is working in your life so that you can share that with others.