July 06, 2012


As we continue along this journey, taking one day at a time, we find ourselves facing yet more uncertainty in our future. Just when we think we have things under control - that we have some sense of security - circumstances change, reminding us once again that we are not in control. We have to take our hands off, and let God lead the way.  He always does.

When Garren went into the hospital, he qualified for Social Security Disability Income. Because he qualified for SSI, he automatically qualified for Medicaid. These have been such wonderful programs. Medicaid has been paying for everything that our primary insurance did not cover, including night nursing and therapy.  We recently found out that Garren is no longer eligible for SSI. And since Garren is no longer eligible for SSI, he is not guaranteed Medicaid any longer. We have to wait now for a Medicaid review.

We have received different reports from different people, but it appears that we will not qualify for Medicaid. As of right now, SSI and Medicaid will end on July 31. What does this mean? We will not be able to continue having night nurses and will have to evaluate and possibly cut back on therapy visits.

But God is in control of every aspect of this journey. I was listening to an old song by Big Tent Revival - "Two Sets of Joneses" - and in one line he says "again God provided for bills He'd incurred." We've seen that happen so many times over the last 17 months. Bill after bill, need after need, God has provided. He is faithful, and will not leave us hanging.

Here's our prayer for right now - First, that Garren would start swallowing. That would eliminate the need for nursing altogether! And that God will provide the funding necessary to see to it that Garren continues to receive the care that he needs in order to continue toward a full recovery. Thank you for praying and trusting with us. 


Marty Hein said...

We will continue to Pray for Garren. We know this has been tough for all of you. We know you trust the Lord to provide and He will. We will also pray for ALL of you. This stuff can wear you down...NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.

Anonymous said...

Lord God, We know You haven't forgotten Garren. You know his needs and have heard our prayers concerning his inability to swallow. Lord, there is a great need now for help concerning night nursing and insurance to continue rehab. We know You do not forsake Your children, so we stand on Your Word that You will intervene on Garren's behalf for Your own glory and his good. In Christ alone, Amen. The Lochridge Family

Anonymous said...

Still praying! Hugs and prayers to you and your family...