June 19, 2012

Grandpa Time

One of Garren's biggest fans is my dad. Grandpa has really gone out of the way to give Garren opportunities to do fun things. During the school year Grandpa took Garren every Tuesdays to therapy. They would sing, drive and tell stories all the way there and back.

Recently, Grandpa decided it would be fun to be able to take Garren fishing. So he bought a boat. And now the two of them try to go fishing about once a week.

A couple of weeks ago, Grandpa supplied Garren with a riding lawnmower. Garren has been begging to drive. He wanted a golf cart. So when Garren got the lawnmower, he was excited to be able to get out and do something on his own. I help him get into the seat, and he cuts the grass! Not a bad deal!

Thank you Grandpa for being so awesome!


Jeff G. said...

Thanks for sharing.I love to find stories like this linked on Facebook.It is so awesome to see how his Grandpa is there for him. Those things like fishing and riding a mower are things I still enjoy doing. My son asked me so often if he could do the mower.I finally let him and I got comfortable about turning the blades on.To see Garren able to do the same things is very uplifting!With all the love and prayers going out for Garren I look forward to seeing and talking about more progress. Keep it up Garrren ! The Gaskill's will continue to pray.So please messsage for any certain request or hopes. Thanks Jeff G.

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome! Continuing to pray!

Sara G said...

Saying hi to Garren and you all. Keep up the progress and enjoying what God has created. I think it is wonderful to spend time with your Grandpa and go fishing. You impress me and I know recovery is not easy. I'm at the two and 1/2 year from my stroke and still have lots to work at but we can do this one day at a time. Praying for you brother. Sara