May 04, 2012

"The Walker"

Garren is continuously finding ways to make us laugh. And we need lots of reasons to laugh! So when I got home from work yesterday, he was dying to show me something that he had come up with. We gathered around the TV and this is what he showed us.


Anonymous said...

Love to see that his sense of humor is still going strong! Praying for you all, through the ups and downs (literally). May the Lord strengthen and encourage you daily!

Lynn Rogers (Kaitlyn's Mom)

Vicky Scott said...

Can you tell me what type of walker this is? Do you know if it is for young adults or if they make it for adults? I tried to find something that looked like this ty doing a Google search to no avail.
Thank you,

Geoffrey Janes said...

Hi Vicky -
The walker in this video is a figment of Garren's imagination. To my knowledge there is no such walker. He made the whole thing up.