January 29, 2012


Garren was scheduled to begin his new swallow therapy - the McNeil Program - last Tuesday. We got a call that same day informing us that they are still waiting to hear from Medicaid. Until they get approval from Medicaid they will not start the therapy. So the next start date is this Tuesday. Please pray with us that Medicaid approves this new therapy.

Speaking of Medicaid and prayer, our overnight nursing is scheduled to end on January 31. We've submitted all the paperwork for an extension, so Lord willing we will hear from Medicaid on that very soon. Otherwise we're going to be pulling some all-nighters.

We continue to pray and wait.


Anonymous said...

You got it...praying...stay strong in the strength of our God!! Love, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

We will pray for these specific needs!

wendypoovey said...

We pray everyday for Garren. We will pray everything is worked out with Medicaid so the therapy can begin. We keep praying for the ability to swallow. I will definitely add to my prayers for continued nursing care.