January 18, 2012

Car Exchange

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Nancy had been in an accident with the van. Everyone's fine - just wanted to update you on the situation.

The accident happened on a Wednesday evening. It would be Friday before we could get a copy of the police report, and several more days before the insurance company would even take a look at the damage on the van. From everything we can tell, the other driver was at fault, so we were at the mercy of their insurance agent. Finally, on Wednesday (a week later), a tow truck showed up to take the van to a body shop.

Meanwhile, my good friend David (who helped us with this van) was working behind the scenes on a replacement van. The next thing I know he's talking to me about when I can come pick up the new van! What? Another van that quickly? I can't go into all the details, but I can tell you that no matter what happens, God's hand is in it. Was it frustrating to have to deal with not having a wheelchair van for a couple of weeks? Yes! Garren especially did not enjoy taking his manual chair to school. But God provided another van, and we are back in business.

Thanks for your continued prayers. Garren is continuing to progress, and get stronger every day. The physical therapists who are working with Garren said Monday that once Garren's sense of balance kicks in, he'll be walking in no time.

Next week Garren starts his McNeil program, a 3 week, 5 day a week intensive swallow therapy.

Today we have another evaluation from the home nursing company so that can request another month of overnight nursing from Medicaid. His current overnight nursing ends an the end of January.


Anonymous said...

Our staff had intentional prayer for Garren this morning in chapel. We prayed that Garren will be able to swallow; we prayed for the night nurse to be able to continue and we prayed for your family. May the blessings of so many prayers surround you, comfort you and encourage you!
Sarah Prewitt

Anonymous said...

Wow thats awesome! God provides! Praying for Garrens new treatment..

Anonymous said...

God is sooooooo good. We are praying in TX