December 27, 2011

Spreading Christmas Joy

It's been busy around here - Christmas Eve services at church, Christmas morning pancake outreach to the community, plus getting all the family Christmas surprises in order. Now that things have settled down a little I have time to update you.

Garren continues to progress with his walking. He is getting stronger, Race To Walk has really been good for him. His muscles are getting bigger, and he is gaining all kinds of weight (all muscle). He's getting used to his new manual wheelchair. The frame is yellow, and the straps and padding are black...perfect for the Steeler fan that he is! He has learned how to pop a weely! Fun times!

Several weeks ago, before Thanksgiving, my uncle went into the hospital for surgery. After the surgery there were many complications, and he nearly didn't make it. Garren, who knows what it's like to spend endless nights in the hospital, realized the possibility that Uncle Hu might end up spending Christmas in the hospital. So Garren came up with an idea all his own.

You can read about it from my Aunt's perspective here:

We're taking a couple of days off from therapy to spend some time having fun together as a family. Garren will get back to work later this week.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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tammy wingate said...

Good morning Janes family! Wow am I thankful for this phone so I can kee up with you guys...all the way out here in Texas! The move has been a long one...we should get the second truck of things next week...we have been w/o beds n TVs for 2 weeks....we lost our family cat on the way out but kids were thrilled with a kitten for each of them for Christmas! We are stil praying for Garren and think of him all the time...we miss you all!!!