December 01, 2011

Another Deadline

Tonight is our last night of nursing as approved by Medicaid. We have submitted all the paperwork for approval to continue with the overnight help. We are just waiting to hear back from them. Please pray that they come through again.

I started asking questions about Garren's swallowing earlier this week. First I asked his speech therapist. I just wondered, could there be something going on with Garren's throat that we haven't even considered? Could there possibly be some kind of blockage? Scar tissue maybe? Could there be more to this than the neurological issues we've been pointing to?

So Nancy called the ENT. He approved another swallow study and is going to see Garren again next week. The swallow study is so that the doctor will have the very latest data to work with. I know many of you have been praying for Garren to swallow. I also know that God's plan is better than our plan. My prayer now is that somehow, someway, we might discover something that can help Garren move past this.

I'll keep you updated! Thanks for praying.


Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you.


Barb Hills said...

This may sound a bit strange to some, but I have purposed to "swallow for Garren" when I remember as I am taking a drink. I am doing this anticipating Garren will take over his own swallowing as the Lord allows.

We know of Garren through his great-aunt Sherrill Herril at Forest Hill Church and have been praying for him since she requested prayer for him last March. Of course, we are standing in prayer for Hu during this time.
Barb H

Anonymous said...

Garren, you truly are a breath of fresh air. While reading this update, it's not hard to envision a light that shines so brightly by your prayer. You are by far, a blessing to each and every person that has the privilege of knowing you. We continue to pray for you to swallow. This is our constant prayer. We love you all and miss seeing you each week, but you are always with us and never will we cease to pray for you. Philippians 1:2-6