October 08, 2011

Race to Walk

Nancy's been working hard, scouring the internet, talking to therapists and doctors, trying to discover anything that might be out there that could help Garren continue to progress. In the last couple of weeks she came across a new opportunity located in Mooresville: Race to Walk.

Race to Walk is a gym that is devoted to providing a comprehensive, post-acute program for individuals suffering from spinal cord injuries and other related neurological disorders. 

"Specializing in exercise-based training, we provide state-of-the-art equipment, strategic training techniques, in a safe, supportive environment. Our ultimate goal is to assist each client towards attaining their own personal goals. We will work together to maximize physical health and well-being in a quest for ultimate functional outcome and an improved quality of life."

We made an appointment for an initial assessment, and took Garren on Thursday. We met several of the trainers, and got a tour of the gym. Then they did an assessment to see what Garren could do, and to get a starting point for his training.

We go back on Monday for his first workout. Garren is really looking forward to this. When you walk in, it looks like a gym (instead of a hospital). The people that work there are trainers, with expertise in therapy, and a strong background in sports and physical training. The guy that assessed Garren played collegiate football. Nancy and I explained that Garren is used to being pushed - hard - on the the field in football practice. The trainer promised us (and Garren) that he would be pushed - hard.

The plan is to take Garren twice a week for a 2 hour workout each time. It's a 1 hour drive each way, so this is a huge time commitment. I think it will be worth it. Also, it is not covered by insurance, so the cost is entirely out of pocket. Again, worth it.

And just a quick update on school. An assistant has been hired. She's very nice, and is willing to work with us to make sure Garren has the best possible school experience. Because of the travel time required to get Garren to Race to Walk, Garren will be attending school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so he can workout on Tuesday and Thursday. 

I attended school with the assistant this past Wednesday to help get her oriented. There's no school on Monday, so Garren will start with his new assistant on Wednesday. That'll be a big day for all of us.


Sheila Murphy said...
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Sheila Murphy said...

I remember praying so hard for Garren the day I heard what happened. I prayed with the ActUp team to spare his life and promised to give God all the glory. It is amazing how far Garren has come. To God be the glory! I continue to pray for progress in all areas and strength for the whole family. I can't wait to see where God is taking all of this. Sheila Murphy

seashellparker said...

Sounds cool! Ugh these insurance companies are making me mad :( How can they deny things like that?