August 29, 2011


We met with the staff at Piedmont on Friday morning about Garren returning to school. Here's the plan we came up with. Effective immediately, Garren will be considered "homebound," meaning he will have a homebound teacher who will begin guiding his studies at home. Meanwhile, the school is going to locate an "assistant," someone who will be able to assist Garren throughout the day when he does begin attending classes.

We had requested that I be able to attend classes with Garren initially, to help him with the transition, and to help train the assistant. At first there seemed to be a bit of reluctance, but we've been able to come to a compromise. While Garren is still considered "homebound," he and I will be permitted to "visit" his classes, so he can go ahead and get used to being in the classroom, and start being around his friends again. Once the assistant is located, I will be permitted to attend along with Garren and the assistant until we feel that Garren is transitioning well.

I don't really foresee any major challenges. The staff at Piedmont has been very gracious and welcoming. I am looking forward to seeing Garren transition back into his school.

You can pray for a great fit in the assistant. It's always an adjustment when it comes to finding someone to work with this closely. Pray that Garren is assigned someone with a personality that fits his. Also, pray for us as we figure out the best way to help Garren succeed in school. This is a big step for us all.


Mauri said...

continuing to pray!

Anonymous said...

Excited for Garren!! Praying for an assistant that needs to receive a blessing:)

Anonymous said...

Will pray for a great assistant match!

Anonymous said...

Glad that things are progressing....we will continue to, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I know the kids will be so happy to have him back. Praying for God to send just the right assistant.

Brenda Raynor

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Garren and all of you always!! I am sure his friends will be so excited to have him back!!

The Lloyd Family
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