August 09, 2011


That's the name of Garren's latest challenge. Proprioception is the ability to know where you are in space. It's what allows you to be able to walk without falling over, to write with a pencil without breaking the lead, or to hold a styrofoam cup without crushing it. Without proprioception it's impossible to "walk and chew gum" at the same time.

Garren is strong. He can stand, he can push himself up from sitting with his arms. He can almost beat me at arm wrestling. His strength is returning more and more each day. But he cannot hold himself in a standing position without falling over. He has a hard time grasping objects, especially with his left hand.

The good news is that proprioception is a learned skill. It's something Garren's brain and nervous system can relearn. And he will. Over time. It will just take time.

The last several nights have been really good nights for Garren. He went the entire night without oxygen last night, and only about an hour the two previous nights. His breathing is getting stronger. We are also noticing some (not a lot yet) improvement as a result of the procedure he had done on his vocal cord last week. His voice is stronger. We haven't seen a lot of progress with the swallowing. But again, this will take time.

Pray for Garren's proprioception. That should be fun for all of you with young children who have been faithfully praying for Garren. I can only imagine how they will stumble over that word!


The Simpsons said...

Your family is amazing and your wife is an inspiration to many, as are you. Garren is blessed with parents who know God is over all, and watching that from afar is truly awesome. I pray that when Michael and I become parents, we will be led by your example.
Thank yor for always sharing and always being honest. Go Get 'em Garren!

Anonymous said...

Mercy, I can't even say it, let alone have children try...but, isn't it great that "man" can put a title on something that God created, and knew how it was supposed to work long before we figured it glad to hear of progress still happening...I know this can be draining on all of you...please know and understand that we are here or can be "there" if you need a hug or a shoulder to lean are all doing so well...don't quit now...ok? Love and prayers, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

Garren, Grandpa is root'n for proprioception for you! I've larnt another word! You're teaching me all sorts of things! Love you, Buddy!

Anonymous said...

I live with a neuromuscular condition (keep on asking it to leave but it's a stubborn roommate) - and can relate to Garren's struggle with responding properly to his physical environment. I am full of faith for a full recovery for Garren and have continued to pray for him over the past months. ( Katherine from Canada)