July 01, 2011

Ups and Downs

*** UPDATE ***
Garren is coming home today - we are thankful for that. We will have a home nurse to help us through the night, for at least a week.

Last night was a bit rough for Garren. Well, he sleeps through everything, so it was more rough for Nancy who was with him.

So the trach is gone - that's great. The problem is that he still doesn't swallow consistently or well. So while sleeping, fluids drain down into his lungs. With the trach we had access to clear those fluids throughout the night. Now he has to rely on coughing to clear fluids. While he's awake this is not a problem. But lying down and sleeping makes this more difficult.

We are not sure at this point whether we will be coming home today or not. We have to wait and talk to the doctor. Apparently Garren experienced "respiratory distress" during the night - which basically means he had difficulty breathing.

So the big prayer continues to be - swallowing. I'll update you as I am updated. Thanks for your prayers.

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