July 02, 2011

Home Again

It is so nice to wake up at home.

Garren made through the night pretty well. The nurse has to wake him up often to help him clear his throat so he can keep his airway clear. It's just a matter of time. It's a new phase of his recovery. We got rid of the trach, and now we face new and different challenges.

Another great thing about having the trach out is that Garren can go swimming. Several weeks ago Garren was asking about going to the beach. We told him that we would go after his trach came out. So the first thing he said after it came out was "we can go to the beach now!" I'm looking forward to getting him into a pool to work on some therapy. That is going to be so good for him!

We had to take the rug out of the living room. Every time he tried to drive his chair into the living room he would catch the rug, and ended up rearranging the living room every time. It was pretty funny!


Anonymous said...

More progress! This is so encouraging to read about all of this, even though for you, it might not be going as quickly as you desired...how intricate our bodies are created...so glad the trach is gone...now, on to swallowing....when that happens, you better be prepared to fill your freezer with food!! (if there is any left to freeze!) Continue to trust, continue to try...continue....love & prayers, Sandy and Russ

Mauri said...

Our pool is open and available all of the time!

tammywingate said...

we have been burning the candle at both ends....but so happy for the trach to be gone!! I did a "no-more trach" dance just for you Garren...and trust me that is huge! I am not a dancer!! (-:
Bob DID HIS FIRST TRIATHLON yesterday and I walked 11 miles. Morgan continues to train for football and Macky has been doing tennis lessons so there is not a spare minute! But we are going to the beach this weekend...for a quick trip...hope you guys get to go soon...we are so happy for you garren!! when will you get to eat??
going to get Garren some mail in the mail today!!!!
<>< t