April 06, 2009

Sunday @ Southbrook Monroe 4.05.09

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the week before Easter.
Here are some highlights from yesterday
  • I had a blast yesterday. For some reason I felt an extra sense of stress...not sure why.
  • We did some training with our First Impressions team in preparation for Easter Sunday.
  • We had a new worship leader. Steve and the band did a great job. Thanks guys!
  • I met and saw quite a few guests again yesterday. I love seeing so many smiling faces.
  • I preached on the triumphant entry - Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem the week before Hi crucifixion. We ended with a brief look at the temple cleansing, when Jesus went in and overturned tables, yelled at people, and reclaimed His Father's house.
  • Children's attendance is busting at the seams. We desperately need to expand our space, as well as our volunteer base in that ministry.
I hope you are ready for this weekend. It is Easter Sunday. Who are you going to bring? What are you doing this week to make sure you bring someone with you to church on Easter?

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