April 08, 2009


One of my passions is to see people get into God's Word. I want to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus, and one of the key ingredients to that growth process is daily reading the Bible.

The other day I had someone ask me - "You've read the Bible many times. Don't you ever get tired of reading the same thing over and over?" I can see why one might think this way. There are very few books that I've ever read twice. I don't particularly enjoy reading something again, if I've already read it before.

BUT...The Bible is different. The Bible is "alive" (Hebrews 4:12 - "For the word of God is living and active"). It is God's word to each of us. As you read and reread the Bible, God will show Himself to you in a special way. It's His way of communicating with us.

And no...it never gets old! Just like watching a sporting event. I love watching football. I can't wait till August when the NFL season finally kicks off again. We spend my Sunday afternoons (as much as possible) with my family on the couch watching as much football as we can. But someone could easily argue "Doesn't that get boring? Watching the same game played over and over?" Even though it is different games, and different teams, it doesn't get boring (at least for me). Why? After all, it's the same rules, the same size field, the same scoring system, game after game, nothing really changes. So why doesn't it get boring?

Because each time you watch a game, you see something different. You see different strategies, you see the players do things that hopefully the other team hasn't thought of yet. Now I must be careful here. I am not saying that the Bible changes! Just like the rules for football don't change from game to game. What I am trying to say is that the Word of God is living and active! It changes me! As I spend time in the Word, over and over, God reveals new and different things to me all the time! Over and over. It never gets old.

So no...reading the Bible over and over does not get old. In fact, let me ask you this. Are you reading God's Word every day? If not, I would encourage you to get into it (or back into it, as the case may be). God's Word is living and active, and He longs to communicate with you...today.

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On a side note...
I wish there was a magic wand I could wave over people(Christian people, mind you) that say they are lost or don't know what they are supposed to be doing with their lives. These folks that I know specifically are missing the most fundamental practice of reading the Word. I know it has to be important to them before they will actually pick it up. But come on! I just want to be able to flick the switch in their hearts/minds. I wonder if God gets frustrated and has to resist taking back people's free will?
Rabbit trail ends here... feel free to get back on the expressway...