February 21, 2009

An Evening of Thanks

Last night we hosted a thank you dinner for the guys and girls who put in a lot of volunteer time this past year, those who worked to make the Monroe Campus a reality. Several of these gave every Saturday and Wednesday evening for an entire year to work on getting the campus ready: demolition, framing, painting, cleaning, and much, much more.

I Corinthians 12 deals with a few of the spiritual gifts. One of the gifts is the gift of helping others. Those who possess this gift are the ones who come up and say "What can I do? I'll do whatever needs to be done." I love people with this gift. Not only do they ask, they actually do it! Without complaining! And they do it above and beyond what could have been expected.

Last night we fed a room full of people with the gift of helping others a nice steak dinner as a thank you for their thankless service to the Lord. Our staff came out and did the serving - we thought it appropriate that the staff serve the volunteers for a change. It was great to see everyone so excited and enjoying a nice evening together.

Thank you again to all of you who worked so hard to get our beautiful campus to where it is today.

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Anonymous said...

It was our gift to serve with humbleness and humility in thanks to all the fantastic volunteers who, like Christ, gave of their life for God the Father. Gave of their time, something they will never get back in this life time. Why did we serve the volunteers? Grace. God's gifts to us that we don't deserve.

Why reply anonymously??? God knows. That's good enough for me.