November 07, 2008

Monroe Prayer Night

Last night a few of us gathered at the Monroe Campus to pray. Here are the things we prayed for:

1. 1st Impressions Ministry
- Pray for the impression we will make as people enter this building.
- Pray that we will have the attitude of Christ Jesus -that his love will shine through each of us.

2. Children’s Ministry
- Pray for the children that will be taught in these classrooms.
- Pray for the teachers that will teach them.
- Pray for volunteers to serve in Children’s Ministry.

3. Worship & Production Ministry
- Pray for the production and sound equipment that needs to be installed.
- Pray for those who will be working behind the scenes to make the services a success.
- Pray for volunteers to serve in Worship and Production.

4. Worship Services
- Pray for those who will sit in the worship services.
- Pray for the worship leaders who will lead these people.

5. Teaching/Preaching
- Pray for the messages that will be taught from this stage and on this screen.
- Pray that God will use this stage for His glory – for the growth of His kingdom.

6. Community Outreach
- Pray for the outreach in the community.
- Pray for the Thanksgiving outreach.
- Pray for the Christmas outreach.

7. Finances/Building completion
- Pray for the finances that are needed to complete the building.
- Pray for the hearts of those who will be giving to God’s work.
- Pray for the volunteers who are doing the construction work.

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