October 21, 2008

Southbrook:Monroe Vision - Part 2

Here is another of the questions I received last week about our vision and direction for Southbrook:Monroe.

"When speaking about kingdoms, you made a comment stating that we’re not about building individual kingdoms but that we’re working together toward (or within) one Kingdom
. How would Southbrook:Monroe demonstrate its belief in that principle?"

Our desire is to cooperate and work with anyone who is willing to partner and join us in the spread of the Gospel in our community. How can we demonstrate this? We will invite other churches to join us in outreach efforts. We will continue to work with para-church organizations to be a presence in the community. It is not our goal to reach out in the community so that more people will come to Southbrook:Monroe. The goal is to lead people into a life changing experience with Jesus Christ, and to help them join in fellowship with other believers, whether in our church or some other local congregation.

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Amen to that