May 01, 2008

Night of Worship Reflections

Last night we had Night of Worship. We do these once a quarter. The purpose is two create a worship experience that will connect us with God in a special way. Last night was great.

We focused on the idea of treasures - what we value most. We looked at the story of Mary, when she anointed Jesus' feet with very costly perfume. The value of the perfume was equivalent to one year's wages. Today, in America, that translates to about $48,000! And she poured it out on Jesus' feet! What a waste?

That's what some of the disciples said. "That could have been sold and the money could have been used to feed the poor!" Jesus rebuked them. He said "The poor are always with you." If you want to feed the poor - go feed the poor. Mary had done a beautiful thing. She poured out what was most precious to her, and gave it all to Jesus.

What is most precious to you? What do you value? What can you pour out to Jesus? Is it money? Is it a relationship? For me, it was pride and self-righteousness. That's right - God showed me some people that I needed to apologize to. Some relationships that I needed to fix. So I did.

What do you need to pour out? What do you need to give up? Give it to Him today. He's waiting.

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