January 14, 2008

Is A Relationship Important?

I had a conversation with someone today that kinda left me wondering. Actually, it mostly left me bothered. This person was visiting another church in another town. She had the opportunity to visit a small group. In the course of the conversation within the group, the topic of a daily quiet time (personal time set aside to read God's Word and pray) came up. Several in the group made the point that they went to church, that they came to small group, and that they had no further need to do anything in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Hmm. Let's talk about relationships...suppose I were to get married, and go to the wedding, and then show up once a year for my anniversary. I wouldn't have much of a marriage to speak of. Although I would technically be married, there would be no relationship to speak of. I could even up my visits to once a month (or how about once a week!) But this would still be FAR from a true relationship.

When we talk about a relationship with Jesus Christ, it is so much more than just church attendance (which for some is once a year). It goes way beyond monthly or weekly church attendance. Going to church will not grow your relationship, at least not if that is all you do.

If I want a relationship with my wife (and I do) then I have to spend time with her. I have to sacrifice time, and other things, to be with her. Only when I am willing to give up my own desires to spend time getting to know her will we truly be able to build a relationship with each other.

Church attendance is not enough. Small groups (as important as they are) are not enough. We have to make time (a sacrifice) every day to read God's Word and pray. We need it. Our relationship with Jesus depends on this time.

Have you had your quiet time today? Maybe you should quit reading blogs and go read the Bible!

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Trisha Crawley said...

oooooo you got me....I am going to tuck my tail between my legs and do my reading that I didn't get to do last night...shame on me.