January 02, 2008

Check Your Pockets!

My son Garren got an iPod for Christmas. He loves it. He plays with it. He bought a cool little leather case to keep it safe. It's the new slim version of the Nano with video. It's pretty sweet.

So anyway, Nancy bought a couple of duffel bags for our kids, so they can pack for overnight trips to friend's houses, or Grandma and Grandpa's house. Just something big enough to carry a few important things that one might need on an overnight trip.

The zipper broke on Garren's bag. Bummer. So Nancy did what any good American consumer does. She returned it. Walgreens gladly exchanged the broken bag for a new one. Pretty cool.

Until the next day - Garren said "Mom, did you get my iPod out of the pocket on the duffel bag before you returned it?" "WHAT?? There was an iPod in the POCKET???"

It was about 8:30 at night. Nancy and Garren and his friend hopped in the car and rushed to Walgreens. They asked about the returned bag. The store attendant looked in the back...no broken bags there. They looked under the checkout counter...nothing.

Then the store attendant said "Maybe they put it back on the shelf." Yes, even though it was clearly broken, they might try to resell it to some unsuspecting customer. So they ran to the aisle with the duffel bags and started opening pockets. Just when all hope seemed to be gone, Garren looked in one last bag...AND THERE IT WAS!!!" How amazing is that? To God be the glory! How unlikely is it that they would ever see that iPod again? Pretty amazing!

Thank you Lord for letting us find the iPod!

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