May 27, 2015

Hyperbaric Treatment Update - Day 16

We are continuing our journey of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We just completed day 16 today. Garren is adjusting well to the treatments. We are now consistently at 2.0 atmospheres (equivalent of approx. 34 feet under water) for 1.5 hours (up from 1 hour when we first started). We are experiencing very little issues with ears clearing.

We are not expecting to see any significant changes until after at least 20 treatments, but to date here are some observations:
  • Garren had a split in his lower lip from a fall 2 years ago that just would not heal. Since beginning the treatments his lip is completely healed. 
  • Garren said that he has noticed more awareness of his balance (or lack thereof).
  • We see more symmetry in his face, blink and smile. His left side used to droop slightly and the blink was slower on that side. 
  • He has noticed his energy level and stamina have increased.  
We thank God for this progress and wait expectantly to see what's next. We continue to be so thankful for your continued prayers and financial support.

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