September 20, 2013

Family Update

It's been a busy summer. I went to Haiti in July, and had the awesome opportunity to take Kara and Kelsey with me on a missions trip to Mexico in August. Then in September I was back in Haiti, this time Nancy, as well as my dad Gary. We were a part of a group from our church who led a women's conference at a church in Port-au-Prince. 

Meanwhile, the kids are all back in school. 

Garren is a junior at Piedmont High School. He has really come a long way. Last semester he would take his power chair three times a week, and his manual chair the other two days. This year, he took his power chair the first 2 or 3 days of school, and has been using his manual chair since then, every day. That is amazing progress.

Last semester, Garren only went to 3 of the 4 daily classes (they call them blocks now). This year he stays all day. One of his classes is weightlifting, which is great. This ensures that he is getting exercise 5 days a week. We continue to work on other strengthening exercises at home as well.

Garren is still learning to walk. We continue to see amazing improvements. He can get around the house with a walker. He is doing really well with that. Garren still cannot swallow. This is the biggest prayer item for his healing. I know that he is healing, though it is very slow. I trust God and pray daily that God will allow him to swallow again. 

Kelsey is a 3rd grader at Porter Ridge Elementary School. She is growing up so quickly. She loves school, which is great, and is doing a great job. Kelsey has also started piano lessons, and is going to be training with a group called Girls on the Run 2 days a week. They will be training to run a 5k later this year.

Kara is officially a high school graduate. Nancy and I took her to New York City where we helped her move into her new home. She is attending The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. It has been her dream for many years to live in New York City and to pursue a career in acting. Her dream is coming true, and God is going to use her in an amazing way. Pray for her, that God will keep her safe and focused, and that God will continue to provide the funds needed to pay tuition (it's not cheap)!

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