February 28, 2013

Twists and Turns

Life is full of twists and turns. As I look back and reflect over the last couple of years, I think about the things that we have seen and experienced that I never could have dreamed were even possible, things that are just bizarre. Watching my only son go through a near death experience, come out of a coma, and begin the path of recovery from a brain injury. It's just bizarre! An unexpected twist on the path of life. 

Then to walk through the most stressful and heartbreaking church crisis I have ever been a part of. To see people turn on each other, watch people get hurt, watch pride pull people apart, and watch tremendous damage occur within the Bride of Christ - how bizarre! It all seems so surreal. Unbelievable. Who could have ever dreamed up the things that would have happened in the last couple of years?

The journey through these valleys has brought us to this point. Looking back down the path we see indescribable devastation. We also see unexpected highlights and blessings that we never would have experienced or appreciated had they not been surrounded by these circumstances. I helped Garren walk with his walker yesterday. We went 1/2 mile in about 45 minutes. Amazing progress! 

Looking forward into the fog, we beg God to give us a sense of what's next. We seek His face, asking for direction. But all we seem to get from Him is "just take another step." One more step. We trust His leading, but sometimes it's hard to take another step, not knowing where it will lead.

Our journey has been, and will continue to be full of twists and turns. We will never really know for sure what's next, no matter how well we think we have planned our journey. This is all another great reminder that God is in control, and we are not. God's plans are better than our plans. No matter what the next step of our journey brings our way, we can know that our God and Father already knows, and will lead us through it; all we have to do is trust Him and follow Him, each step of the way.

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