July 12, 2010

Headed for the Hills

Today we hit the trail. We leave the hotel in about 45 minutes. We will drive about 2 hours to the trailhead. Today we will not hike very far...about an hour or so. The entire team is so exited to get going. We are all looking forward to ministering to families in the mountain villages.

Yesterday we went to church. It is always such a great experience for me to worship with people in different cultures. We are all created uniquely by God, and we all worship the one true God together. It is always special.

After lunch we did some shopping, then spent a couple of hours in an orphanage. Those kids are so hungry for attention. Of course when we got there, we had to watch the conclusion of the World Cup Final. They were really into it. It was fun. Then I had a little 5 year old girl attach herself to me for the entire time. I had to peal her off when it was time to leave. Several other team members had the same experience. It's hard, knowing those kids have no one who loves them the way a child should be loved.

Pray for the team today. Pray for safety. Pray for good health. We will be out of touch now until Thursday evening.

Don't forget to follow our progress here.

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