June 15, 2010

Peru 2010

It's a moment I will never forget. Laying on the cold wet ground inside the makeshift dining tent. I was weaker than I think I've ever been in my life. I had just endured a long night of unbelievable illness. I will never forget laying there, bundled up, trying to keep warm. My team had gathered around. The men we were traveling with had come into the tent. I asked Bob, our team leader, to translate for me. "Do you see what's going on here?" I said. "These men, who are walking from town to town, are doing exactly what the apostle Paul did in the New Testament. These men have given their lives to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to towns and villages here in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This is all they live for. This is their burning passion. They are living out the New Testament command to go into all the world, make disciples, and baptize them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

It's been almost a year since that moment. Now I have the opportunity to return to Peru and travel to more villages, to deliver Bibles to people who have never held or even seen a Bible. July 8-18, Lord willing, I will make this journey again. Our team will travel to Huaraz, Peru to partner with AWI (Good News Asociation), a Christian Quechuan organization that is actively reaching out and discipling the Quechua people, who live in remote villages throughout the beautiful Peruvian mountainside. They also have literacy and radio programs, which are broadcast entirely in the Quechua language and encourage the use of Scripture so that lives will be transformed through God's word in their own language. Our team will be hiking to several Quechua communities along with AWI to help distribute the recently translated Scriptures and minister through song, drama, puppets and games showing the love of Christ.

Please join me and my team in prayer as we prepare to take this trip. There are financial costs, as well as other logistical challenges to be overcome. I am looking forward to seeing how God is going to provide and prepare the way for us.

Thank you in advance for your prayer and financial support. I look forward to being a part of what God is going to do as a result of this trip.

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