February 22, 2010

Let's Go Men!

This past Sunday Glenn Wagner spoke at Southbrook Church. It was a great message. If you're a man and you missed it, then you need to go listen to it right now!

He hit the nail on the head. Men - it's time for you to stand up and lead! God is looking for courageous men who will quit running around like cowards and stand up and lead their wives and their families. It takes a real man to do this.

I hear from women all the time who are sick and tired of waiting for their husbands to step up! Guys - God made you the spiritual leader in your home! If you're not leading, then you are living in sin! If you are making excuses, then you are hiding.

After the service I had a group of ladies come up to me. They are all in a LifeGroup together. Here is what they said: "Guys need to know that we think it's sexy when a man leads his family courageously!" Guys - did you hear that? It's not your looks they are interested in (though I'm sure that doesn't hurt). Women are very attracted to men who lead their families courageously!

So...if you missed it - go watch it here. And then step it up!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely, positively agree. After you've been married awhile, and the looks start to, well, you know, there is nothing else that will earn the respect and admiration of a wife than a husband who takes charge (not control) and leads his family courageously. For the most part, I think women today feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities of their jobs, children, housework, and a host of other things that come with today's lifestyle. When a husband leads his family confidently, it shows the wife that he is fully engaged in the family dynamics, that he truly cares for them - and that is what helps to define him as a real man. And what could be sexier than that? God set it up that way for a reason. I am happily married for 19 years and counting, and I'm still amazed (and thrilled) whenever my husband steps up to the plate and leads.