June 12, 2008

Has It Come to This?

Last Friday we decided to drive up to Concord Mills Mall for a day of window shopping. We stopped along the way to fill up with gasoline. We hit the road again, and within about 5 minutes the engine shut down. I pulled off on a side street, tried to restart, nothing happened.

So I called the tow truck, had the van towed to the shop and waited for the devastating news. How much was this going to cost? What was wrong?

About 3 hours later the call came in. "Mr. Janes - do you have any known enemies?"

"No, I don't think so. Why do you ask?"

"Well, it appears that someone disconnected a fuel line. There is no way this fuel line can come undone on it's own. It had to be done manually."

"And why would someone disconnect a fuel line?"

"They may have tried stealing some gas."

So, it's come to that. People are stealing gas out of my car in my driveway. What is wrong with you people? Are we so desperate for fuel that we have to steal it? It's not that expensive!

O well, what can you do. Maybe I'll buy a dog and chain him to the car at night.


My name is Stephen said...

put water in your gas tank, that'll show em. Or better yet, put a sign out that says, "If you need gas, just ask".

InĂªs said...

Well, with the gas price going up every day, we just had a strike from the truckers that distribute the gas (here in Portugal). It was chaotic! The queues to the gas stations were absurd and the people started to get aggressive. The supermarket’s fresh food was gone. No fruit, vegetables, fresh milk, etc, because this is all delivered by trucks and there was no gas. It's amazing how a country completly stops due to this. We are too dependent.

And the strike only lasted 3 days...

It's scary to think how it would've been if it was more days.

Tasha Via said...

Wow, that stinks!!! Sorry Geoffrey. Yeah, here in Hungary gas is almost $8 a gallon!!

Fred G. said...


Sounds like Karma to me. I was sure I hooked that back up.

see you soon

Fred G. -