February 21, 2008

Victory Through Obedience

Last night kicked off our first big night of classes at Southbrook Church. Four different classes are available to give people the opportunity to grow deeper in their understanding and practice of their Christian beliefs. I am teaching a book study on the book of Joshua. We discovered some pretty interesting details about the background and historical setting of the book itself. It's important to understand who the book is about, what the book is about, why it was written, where the events took place, and when the events took place.

My favorite part of our time last night was looking at the purpose and theme of the book of Joshua - it is an official account of the historical fulfillment of the Lord's promise to give Israel the land of Canaan. The theme is simply victory through obedience.

Throughout the book of Joshua we see God leading the Israelites to victory. We also see several defeats. Every time these are linked to the obedience of the people. If we are faithful and obedient to our God, He will bring us to victory. If we fail to obey, we will face defeat.

Victory through obedience. God wants us to experience victory in our lives as followers of Christ. If we will listen and obey, we can be assured that God will fulfill His promises in our lives.

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Josh Via said...

Dude, you're slacking off and letting down the entire known blog world! But I love you anyway.