December 13, 2007

On My Mind Lately

I continue to see the pandemic of Biblical illiteracy in the American church. This is something that I have realized for some time, but it has been impressed on me much more lately. I would guess that most church goers have a very limited knowledge of what is in the Bible.

Is that wrong? Yes and no. It's not that we have such a limited knowledge of what God says in His Word. It's that we are not pursuing that knowledge. Show up to church, listen to the Preacher, then go home and pretend it never happened. No wonder so many live day to day wondering what it's all about. We are defeated! We don't know why!

Get your Bible out. Start reading it every day. You don't have to read it all at once. Just read some. Be systematic. Get a chart, or a reading schedule. Just get in the Word. We cannot live our lives for God, if we are not listening to God.


Alan said...

Ok I have kept quiet long enough. I agree 100000000000% with Geoffrey's thoughts. There is one more thing that bugs me...Those "Christians" who rely solely upon some little devotional book as their mode of Bible Study. I am not saying that devotional books are bad (well most aren't), what I am saying is don't just rely on someone else's insights to the scriptures. Get in there yourself and see what God is telling you. (stepping down from my soap box now).

Stephen said...

Preach it!!